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THE SUPERJESUS Unleash The Impossible New Single & Video 'The Impossible' + National Tour.

One month out from their highly anticipated national tour to celebrate their new double live album, SUMO 20 LIVE, The Superjesus have today unleashed The Impossible – their kickass new single and wildly hilarious tongue-in-cheek video clip, inspired by conspiracy theories about the 1969 moon landing.  WATCH THE IMPOSSIBLE VIDEO HERE.  In true Superjesus style and in all their brazen glory, the rockers are so thrilled with The Impossible that they have rebranded their entire tour to celebrate its release.  Get amongst The Impossible tour in September hitting up Badlands in Perth on the 6th, The Gov in Adelaide on the 7th, Max Watts in Melbourne on the 20th, and wrapping up in Sydney at Crowbar on the 21st.   Set for release on September 6, The Impossible is classic Superjesus fare, with head-banging guitars and Sarah Mcleod’s iconic voice.  The lyrics are thought-provoking, left of centre, and, in frontwoman Sarah McLeod’s own words, “an unexpected, undeniable banger”!  Explaining the inspiration behind the song, McLeod says, “I’m fascinated with moon landing conspiracies.  When researching on the net one day I came across a Stanley Kubrick ‘confessional video’.  No one knows if the footage is legit or not, but in it, he confesses to staging the moon landing on the set of 2001 A Space Odessey.  He called the fiasco his ‘greatest masterpiece’.  The confession video was designed to be kept under lock and key, only to be released after his death.  Upon further research I found an article with the headline LANDING ON THE MOON IS SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE…and boom, out came the song!” The clip for The Impossible is an absolute riot from start to finish, and it sees McLeod take her acting to the next level - even donning a pastel, floral croptop for the job!  It is kooky and full of comic relief with The Superjesus, starring as all the main players involved in the 1969 moon landing, coming across as lovable larrikins as they ‘re-enact’ how they imagine a Stanley Kubrick-directed fake moon landing would have played out. “It was really fun to work on this clip because the imagery is so strong,” says McLeod, “my girlfriend and I wrote and directed the clip – we cast the band as Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Stanley Kubrick, and I put myself in as a side comedy spin-off story as the makeup artist who’s desperately in love with Neil Armstrong.  It was a very funny shoot!”

Tickets to THE IMPOSSIBLE national tour are on sale now from THE IMPOSSIBLE and SUMO 20 LIVE are set for release on September 6


FRI 6 SEP | BADLANDS, PERTH WA | 18+ Tickets available from & | 1300 762 545 | All Oztix Outlets SAT 7 SEP | THE GOV, ADELAIDE SA | 18+ Tickets available from | 1300 762 545 | All Oztix Outlets FRI 20 SEP | MAX WATTS, MELBOURNE VIC | 18+ Tickets available from & | 1300 762 545 | All Oztix Outlets SAT 21 SEP | CROWBAR, SYDNEY, NSW | 18+ Tickets available from | 1300 762 545 | All Oztix Outlets


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