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QUEENSCLIFF MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019 Emerging Artist Grant and Mentor Program

Queenscliff Music Festival 2019 is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 Emerging Artist Grant (EAG) and the Alison McKenzie Mentor Program. Fostering forerunners in the Bellarine music scene, the EAG initiative assists in the development and completion of projects by local musicians for up to $10,000 per year, with approximately $4,000 stemming from the contributions of Friends of the Festival. The Emerging Artist Grant and Alison McKenzie Mentor Program ensure musicians have the support necessary to follow through with their ambitions, an imperative of the Queenscliff Music Festival. 

Queenscliff Music Festival will support local artists Momoko Rose and Nathan Seeckts with their forthcoming recording, live show and video projects this year to the tune of $5,000 each, alongside a live slot on this year's stages. 

Momoko Rose's music illustrates a profound sensitivity to the natural world and our emotional connection with it as people, a quality she manifests in her own music. Her songs are riddled with dissonance, jazz harmony and unorthodox time signatures. Momoko's mellifluous and otherworldly soundscapes distinguish her as the epitome of an unbridled introvert. Queenscliff Music Festival will be supporting 'Humans Weep', an audio-visual project with a music video, live video, and photography to capture Momoko's raw aesthetic command. 

Nathan Seeckts release ‘Sirens’ addresses domestic violence within Australian homes, with all proceeds from the sale being donated to a local not-for-profit Australian children’s charity. The EAG will support Nathan in creating a music video to accompany 'Sirens'. The video draws influence from Felicity Urquhart, who during an interview with Nathan on ABC’s Saturday Night Country reflected “You asked whether you were the right voice for this. I think having any of us talk about this subject is the right voice.” 

In memory of valued QMF board member Alison the Alison McKenzie Mentor Program recipient for 2019 is Cooper Lower, a local guitarist and singer/songwriter from Victoria's South West Coast.  Cooper's musical intuitions have carried him to audiences at the Melbourne International Guitar Night, Fretmonkey Guitarist Showcase (USA) and Tollwood Sommerfest (Germany). Cooper Lower will be mentored by Ash Grunwald. 

"A slither of genius embodies the nomad Cooper Lower. An exquisite live performance pioneered by soaring vocal highs, sombre lows and a seamless symphony of percussive guitar and melody. Brilliant, articulate, perceptive - go see this young player!" - Danial Naqvi (Medium, UK) 

Queenscliff is rocketing towards an early sell out with over 95% of tickets sold. Acts such as multi-award winning singer-songwriter Missy Higgins, Tim Finn, and British percussive guitar master Newton Faulkner are all a part of the stellar selection of musical acts performing at this year's festival. Best of all children aged 13 and under get in for free! Bring friends, family, and join in the groove.  

The 23rd Queenscliff Music Festival will run from 22nd - 24th November 2019. 

Highlights of Queenscliff's current lineup include:

Alana Wilkinson, Allensworth (USA), Alysha Brilla (CAN), Clare Bowditch, Fenn Wilson, Hiatus Kaiyote, Ian Noe (USA), Immy Owusu, Justine Clarke, Kent Burnside (USA), Missy Higgins, Mojo Juju, Nano Stern (CHL), Newton Faulkner (UK), Paul McDermott & Gatesy, Remi, Ross Wilson, Steve Poltz (USA), Stevie Jean, Tanya George, The Barren Spinsters, The Cat Empire, The Mamas, The Mik Maks, The New Savages, The Strides, The Waifs , Tim Finn (NZ), Vince Peach and many more... 


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