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LAGERSTEIN release 'Down Under' + album out this Friday 23 Aug!

Lagerstein's 25/7 album drops on Friday August 23rd via Kegstand Records and with all of their festival appearances all around Europe, they are feeling homesick and have been spreading the word about their homeland. Today, they release their cover on the most iconic Australian song ever, our unofficial National Anthem. No, not Farnesy's The Voice - the OTHER unofficial anthem - Men At Work's Down Under!

"As Australian party pirates, we've always been unashamedly proud of that crazy southern Island we call home, so this classic is the perfect cover song for us!  Taking Men At Work's ear-worm melodies, and giving them Lagerstein's party metal spin, we've created something that can be enjoyed as much at home, as in the pit. Now it's time for a Vegemite sandwich and a Bundy Rum!"

It won't be long until Lagerstain make port on Australian soil - they arrive on Friday 15th November in Canberra at The Basement, Sunday 17th November in Sydney at Frankies Pizza, Wednesday 20th November in Adelaide at Lion Arts Factory, Thursday 23rd November in Melbourne at Max Watts and Thursday 30th November in Brisbane at The Triffid. Tickets for Lagerstein’s ‘Endless Rum’ Australian tour dates can be purchased directly from the band’s website.

Boasting traditionally seaworthy instrumentation scored with modern, distorted guitar work and coarse vocal outbursts, ‘25/7’ promises a glittering treasure trove of jaunty, colourful and undeniably boozy sea shanties. Recorded in Sweden with world renowned producer Fredrik Nordström (Bring Me The Horizon, Arch Enemy, In Flames, Soilwork), Lagerstein’s upcoming full-length will hit shores on 23rd August 2019 via Kegstand Records.

Captain Gregarggh, The Majestic Beast, Neil Rummy Rackers, Mother Junkst, Jacob, The Fiercest Pirate in all the Caribbean, Lucky The Great and Rusty Timbers make up Lagerstein, and this fearsome band of buccaneers unveil their new single just in time to unleash it on the crowds of Europe's renowned Sabaton Open Air and Wacken Open Air festivals. The band have been a favourite opener for some of the genre’s greatest, including Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Finntroll, Gloryhammer, and Ensiferum, Lagerstein are scarcely off the road, and across 22 countries, have brought their remarkable live show to tens of thousands of fans.

Friday 15th November - Canberra The Basement

Sunday 17th November - Sydney Frankies Pizza

Wednesday 20th November - Adelaide Lion Arts Factory

Thursday 23rd November - Melbourne Max Watts

Thursday 30th November - Brisbane The Triffid


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