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IV LEAGUE drops EP 'When You Lose Me' with new single 'Cola Tooth World'

Melbourne indie-darlings IV League have been 'ones to watch' for some time now. They've delivered a string of perfect indie pop singles - most recently 'Lose Me' and 'Superstar' - toured relentlessly and surrounded themselves with a standup team, but no announcement lands more exciting than today's surprise-release of their debut EP entitled 'When You Lose Me'.

The band's core pair of Bella Venutti and Lachie Gilmour have been making music together for a couple of years and, are the first to admit their debut EP has been a long time coming. But it wasn't until actually solidifying their team and meeting producer and new friend Malcolm Besley (City Calm Down, Northeast Party House, The Creases) that the two felt like they finally had the ammunition to proceed with someone on exactly the same page.

Across the five flawless tracks, IV League search beyond all formative trappings and deliver a clear snapshot of themselves at this very moment in time - emotionally maturing human beings, blooming and ambitious songwriters, rapidly growing performers and armed with a clear stand-out vocalist in Venutti. She shines brightly on lead singles and proven radio anthems 'Superstar' and 'Lose Me', but the new single and EP-closer 'Cola Tooth World' is something else again, picking up the pace and providing a hint of punk attitude within the ferocious lyrics.

The EP's evocative title - 'When You Lose Me' - is a phrase which appears twice across the course of the EP. Most obviously on 'Lose Me', but also on jangly ear-worm and highlight 'Echo'.

Venutti explains the title's significance: "I suppose the EP covers coming of age quite a bit and shedding past identities as many of us do in the transition from your late teens to your early 20s. The EP is a collection of dreams, fears, anger and fantasy and feels like the culmination of our experiences over the past few years pouring our heart and soul into pursuing music, which has shaped our lives in so many different ways."



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