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CASEY BARNES with brand-new single 'Bright Lights'

After 2 consecutive number 1's,We’re Good TogetherandSparks Fly,Casey Barnes hits the airwaves with Bright Lights hisbrand-new single off his ARIA #1 Country album,Town of A Million Dreams.

It tells a real-life story of chasing a dream, getting a taste of success but at the same time missing the ones you love back at home. Casey explains,“It’s a reaffirmation that no matter how driven you are to reach your dreams, how drawn you are to what that might look like, what really matters is the people in your life who are closest to you.” In Barnes' case it's his wife, kids and family, and his drummer (there’s is a special bond not understood by many).

With the perfect blend of modern country pop, a great vocal hook and a huge anthemic chorus, this latest offering is set to ensure Casey continues with what's become a breakout year for him in 2020.

The Gold Coast country music star and winner of Artist of the Year(Gold Coast Music Awards 2020) is showing no signs of slowing down. The new single is a radio edit ofBright Lights, as featured on his latest album that debuted at #1 on the Australia Country Album Charts and #16 on the ARIA album charts.Town of a Million Dreamsalso provided us with chart toppersA Little More, that’s generated over a million steams,Sparks Flywhich ignited across Australia with7 weeks at #1 on The Music Network’s Hot Country Charts, andWe’re Good Together which held number#1 for 5 weekson the charts.

The release of his latest single coincides with the start of his long-awaited Town of a Million Dreams Album Tour.


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