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BUDDY RYAN Unveils His Soulful New Single 'Bad Feelin'

Melbourne lyricist Buddy Ryan unveils his new single ‘Bad Feelin’, a soulful, defiant track which showcases his lyricism and is an exciting glimpse of what to expect from his forthcoming EP due out at the end of 2019.

Employing gospel-tinged keys and minimal beats, ‘Bad Feellin’ is Buddy’s time to shine. Centred on his thought-provoking lyrics, he comments on karma and bad energy complimented by the infectious sample hook.

Buddy expands on the meaning of ‘Bad Feelin’, saying “The verse starts off talking about things that gives me bad feelings and then ends with a story about a dude named Keenan who came up and forgot about his squad but then soon gets confronted with karma. It’s kinda a song about karma and how real energy is.”

2017 saw the release of Buddy's underrated debut EP 'Grey' which centred around the downtempo single of the same name. With words as his weapon, Buddy talks through pain and his personal journey whilst hoping for peace.

This year will see the release of Buddy's sophomore EP which inhabits shades of hip-hop and soul to illustrate the duality of life.

This latest offering is only a glimmer of what Buddy has in store for the rest of the year.



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