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PIERCE BROTHERS Share Video ‘Dentist’

The video for Dentist was a bit of a process in the time of COVID-19. On the last day before the Stage 4 lockdown was set in place in Melbourne, the boys had to get creative for the film shoot with their friend and collaborator Carl Allison (Dance Monkey, Tones and I).  Filmed in Jack’s living room, they set up several shots depicting different aspects of the instrumentation in the track, and played them through. “In the time of COVID there is not a whole lot we’ve been able to do shoot-wise. We couldn’t get locations, or extras, or even a real crew, so we had to improvise,” Pat recalls. “Carl and I have worked together on lots of projects before, and we have been talking for a while about teaming up again. It was great just getting back into filming beautiful scenes again and it seems fitting to have the clip be representative of this place in time. We included photos of our friends and family we’re missing to reflect the fact we were, in fact, stuck at home.” 

DENTIST is out September 25 through Ditto.


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