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Yothu Yindi Extend Long-Term Deal With Bloodlines / Mushroom Group

The Mushroom Group is proud to announce it has extended its deal with the incomparable Yothu Yindi for representation of their complete master recordings.

The long-term deal extends the band’s relationship with the company, which goes all the way back to 1989 when the band first signed to Mushroom Records. All of the band’s releases, including six albums, have been released through the Mushroom Group.

“This is a very significant signing for the company. And with the Mushroom Group celebrating 50 years, it’s timely, too, because Yothu Yindi are one of the most important acts in the company’s history. Yothu Yindi took us on an incredible journey. Through their remarkable storytelling, we learned so much about our nation. And we look forward to that journey continuing, working with the band and their brilliant manager, Alan James, who’s been there since day one. For the entire Mushroom Group, it’s an honour to represent the band’s remarkable body of work, iconic songs such as ‘Treaty’, ‘Djäpana’, ‘Tribal Voice’, ‘Dots On The Shells’ and ‘World Turning’.”

– Dean McLachlan, Bloodlines Managing Director

“The Mushroom Group treasures its relationship with Yothu Yindi. As the first Indigenous band to sign to the label, they have been a major and meaningful part of the Mushroom story. And we’re honoured that our close association with the band is continuing. Anyone lucky enough to see their performance at the Mushroom 50 Live event knows that they remain a potent creative force.”

– Matt Gudinski, Chief Executive of Mushroom Group


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