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THE BLACK SORROWS new album 'Citizen John' out now

Joe Camilleri’s 21st album with The Black Sorrows, Citizen John, has debuted at #11 on the ARIA Chart. Not stopping there, the album hit #2 on the AIR Chart, and was the third highest-selling physical album of the week. These fantastic results make Citizen JohnJoe’s highest charting album in 29 years, since the double-platinum Harley & Rosereached the #3 spot in 1990.

‘An artist living in the moment, still creating exhilarating work.’ - STACK

For Joe Camilleri and The Black Sorrows, the new album is about perpetual change. “I'm not a heritage act. I've never been a heritage act. I've always been a constant player. The Sorrows continue to thrive and grow not because we're an ‘80s band, or a ‘90s band, or any other kind of band. We exist because of the now. Just treat me like a new act,” he says. “It’s just that this one’s got a very old face.”

The Black Sorrows are almost at the conclusion of their Australian tour, with four final shows in New South Wales this weekend, before they head to Byron Bay for to headline the Jambalaya Stage at Bluesfest. The Black Sorrows will then travel to Europe for a string of dates across the continent.

Citizen John Album The Black Sorrows Out now through Bloodlines Available to buy/stream here

Citizen John tracklist: 1. Wednesday's Child 2. Brother Moses Sister Mae 3. Lazy Slide Guitar 4. Way Below The Heavens 5. Worlds Away 6. Wild Times 7. Messiah 8. Storm The Bastille 9. Play It Sentimental 10. Citizen John 11. Silvio 12. Lover I Surrender 13. Wednesday's Child (Live) - Bonus Track (Deluxe Edition only) 14. Do I Move You (Live) - Bonus Track (Deluxe Edition only) 15. Silvio (Live) - Bonus Track (Deluxe Edition only) 16. Lover I Surrender (Live) - Bonus Track (Deluxe Edition only) 17. Way Below The Heavens (Live) - Bonus Track (Deluxe Edition only) 18. Down Home Girl (Live) - Bonus Track (Deluxe Edition only) 19. Brother Moses Sister Mae (Live) - Bonus Track (Deluxe Edition only) 20. Citizen John (Live) - Bonus Track (Deluxe Edition only) 21. The Honeydripper (Live) - Bonus Track (Deluxe Edition only)


Thursday 11 April Camelot Lounge | Marrickville, NSW Tickets available here

Saturday 13 April Belmont 16s | Belmont, NSW Tickets available here

Sunday 14 April By The C | Wollongong, NSW Tickets available here

Thursday 18 April Byron Bay Bluesfest | Tyagarah, NSW Tickets available here


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