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PELVIS MOVES releases debut single 'London Compton'

Imagine Green Velvet teamed up with Notorious B.I.G and you would come close to having an idea of what London Compton, the debut single by Pelvis Moves, sounds like.

You may not have yet heard of Pelvis Moves, but don't forget that there is no such thing as darkness, only places the light is yet to reach. In the case of Pelvis, the artist Club Sweat is calling the one to watch over the next 12 months, the light is heading very quickly and very brightly over to the corner of the world that Pelvis resides in.

London Compton tells the story, quite succinctly, of a guy, from London, and a girl, from Compton, doing stuff in the club that may not be so acceptable with the lights on. ‘Bump in the club like no one’s watching’. 

Pelvis Moves adds “I wrote this song when clubbing was still a thing… it’s about doing fun things that we shouldn’t be doing in public. Fast forward to now and here we are frothing for clubs to reopen, to be able to hit the dancefloor post covid and mask free.... and of course... still do stuff like nobody’s watching…"

Yes, the beat is infectious…but the hook is so big it got us singing it on first listen and we knew we just had to sign it, and when we heard what else Pelvis had in the pipeline, we knew this was not a one time thing...but the start of something beautiful

London Compton' is out now via Club Sweat. 


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