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NO LABEL NECESSARY release new single 'Boss It Up' ft. iiiConic

Today, Sydney duo No Label Necessary share their new single "Boss It Up" featuring iiiConic.

Since forming No Label Necessary in 2017, the US-Australian duo have built a name for themselves in the hip hop community with multiple underground releases. Now based in Sydney, NLN, made up of Creepah (AUS)  and Thony Remy (US), are known for their opposition to stereotypes and for taking aim at judgement.

No Label Necessary are now back with a brand new single and this time they’ve joined up with up with Brisbane artist, iiiConic. Bringing his new wave sounds to the table, iiiConic shows experience beyond his years, despite his young age. Since his debut, the Brisbane rapper has been able to hone in on his personal sound and create a unique catalogue of songs. “Boss it Up” is a collaboration that fits like a glove, with the artists complimenting each other’s sounds perfectly.

Boss it Up’s catchy hook and bounce friendly beat is sure to cause attention throughout the hip hop community. No Label Necessary hold their own on this single, but iiiConic adds a new powerful dynamic to the song that sits perfectly with the NLN style.

"Boss It Up is not only about overcoming any situation in life but also having the motivation, inspiration and grind everyday to achieve your goals whatever they may be" - No Label Necessary

No Label Necessary have successfully planted themselves strongly in the Sydney hip hop scene having already generated over 40k followers on Instagram. With their new track “Boss it Up’, No Label Necessary’s fan base and success can only grow as they continue to create more powerful music.


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