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midnight Releases 'Nocturne' EP, featuring 'Archon' Single

“midnight create[s] a dark R&B underworld where it's always the dead of night.” - Line Of Best Fit

The new single to be released by Rochester, NY based artist midnight in collaboration with fellow NY based producer ylxr is the vibe defined ‘Archon’, rounding out midnight’s ‘Nocturne’ EP - to be released via Majestic Casual Records on February 21st.

Borne of passion, midnight is a ride through the night in full gradient. Genre-bending production, imaginative narrative, and neo-noir visuals are the pillars of the midnight ideal. Total immersion into desire, danger, and vulnerability.

On ‘Archon’, midnight and ylxr combine again to provide a tune that blurs the line between genres, riding a gorgeous lofi beat bursting with a noir glitch and finesse.

“That moment when you inhabit the percussion and your voice exploits the gaps between samples and melodies. It’s a symbiotic relationship between artist and production not easily found. As an artist you're always searching, sometimes you find it, more often than not it eludes you, and sometimes you're lucky enough to work with other artists of ylxr's caliber who help to shoulder that burden. 'Nocturne' is the anti-pop distillation of the midnight experience. More than just a vulnerable, pretty falsetto, every tune broods with dangerous intent." - midnight

'Nocturne' EP Tracklist: 1. Promethium (prod. ylxr) 2. Archon (prod. ylxr) 3. Pressure Gradient (prod. ylxr)

'Nocturne' will be released on February 21st via Majestic Casual Records.


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