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MICRA Share New Single 'Sonata' With Video

Today, Micra release their magnetic new single ‘Sonata’, with the Sydney duo expertly creating a sonic and emotional tug of war in the dream-pop wonder.

The intriguing push and pull of ‘Sonata’ surfaces from the tension between the syncopated drum beat and the echo-laden guitars, reminiscent of genre forebearers such as Beach House or the Cocteau Twins. ‘Sonata’ begs for immediate replay, with the Ivi and Robbie’s signature multi-layered, swelling production and intriguing melodies coalescing together to create a soothing, dense slice of dream-pop. The track’s psychedelic video was made with an analogue video synthesizer.

“Sonata is about the moments in which your trust in someone is tested and finding acceptance and moving on with a lack of closure." – Micra

‘Sonata’ offers another taste of Micra’s forthcoming EP, which is being finalised for release over the coming months. During a tumultuous 2020, Micra kept busy by releasing a steady flow of singles with accompanying DIY live videos, finishing the year off with a breezy, hypnotic cover of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool’s hit ‘Dance The Way I Feel’. Previous single ‘Coral Crush’ explored a more pop-centric side to the duo and was coined by Pilerats as “a masterclass in the excellence Micra has consistently shown us over the last few years”. Whilst earlier release ‘Under My Skin’ was named Clash Music’s ‘Track of the Day’ and was added to RUFUS DU SOL’s ‘Headphone Selections’ playlist. It also picked up profile across both Apple Music and Spotify. Micra have similarly caught the attention of indie tastemaker David Dean Burkhart who added their latest releases to his popular ‘Compact Cassette’ playlist. A sonic experiment from Bulgarian born and raised singer/ guitarist Ivana Kafedjiyska and Australian guitarist/producer Robbie Cain, the duo performed a flurry of impressive, sold-out shows at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory and La La La’s in Wollongong in November last year. Stay tuned for further news on Micra’s forthcoming EP soon.



Single out now through Liberation Records

Available to buy/stream here


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