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LIVE AT THE BOWL celebrates media partnership with 3KND

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

For the first time in Arts Centre Melbourne’s history we are thrilled to announce that 3KND, Melbourne’s first and only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander radio station and digital platform, is the official media partner of Live at the Bowl.

The purpose of this partnership agreement is to identify ways both organisations can work together and create opportunities for collaboration and promotion in relation to the Live at the Bowl season that supports cultural and social impact for the arts community and the community of Victoria.

“This relationship is a strong step forward for both organisations. It shows a real commitment by Arts Centre Melbourne towards indigenous media. The board of First Australians Media Enterprises and Radio 3KND are proud to sign this agreement”, says General Manager of 3KND Gerry “GMan” Lyons.

This is the first time Arts Centre Melbourne has entered into a media partnership agreement that goes beyond the transactional components and establishes 3KND as a strategic advisor and collaborator on cultural safety considerations of our First Nations artists, community and staff.

“We first met 3KND last year when we hosted the Vic NAIDOC 2020 Concert Always Was, Always Will Be. It came as no surprise that we had instant rapport and both our organisations had a genuine desire to continue to work beyond NAIDOC 2020. This media partnership signifies so much more than just a signature on a dotted line; it shows our commitment to including all peoples across the media landscape in our projects. I know this will be an important ongoing relationship for us as an organisation and we cannot wait to see where this takes us next,” says Arts Centre Melbourne CEO Claire Spencer AM.

3KND has been on the airwaves since June 2003 and is proudly an independent and not-for-profit Indigenous radio and media broadcasting service which runs 24 hours, 7 days a week.


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