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I PREVAIL release new single + video 'Paranoid' from 'Trauma' album out March 29

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Detroit's I Prevail have shared the video for the song "Paranoid" from their second full-length Trauma. Watch + listen here. Trauma will be released on March 29 through Caroline Australia/Fearless Records and is available for pre-order in physical and digital formats here.

I Prevail have just been here in Australia for Download Festival and unleashed a handful of new songs in their set, including 'Paranoid'. Their single 'Breaking Down', was added to full rotation on triple j last week and both singles released so far, 'Bow Down' and 'Breaking Down' have far surpassed more than a million plays each on Spotify.

Trauma represents a moment of triumph in the wake of a series of trials and tribulations endured by the Michigan quartet—Brian Burkheiser [clean vocals], Eric Vanlerberghe [harsh vocals], Steve Menoian [lead guitar], and Dylan Bowman [rhythm guitar]. Even as they catapulted towards mainstream notoriety with 2016's breakout Lifelines, they faced unforeseen hardship that might've broken any other band. Burkheiser dealt with a debilitating vocal injury that jeopardized his future as a singer. He made it through, but dealt with the aftershocks of stress and anxiety. Conflicted with thoughts of potentially leaving the band, he made a decision. He got together with his band brothers in 2018 and they decided to craft the record they wanted to hear without outside input. Joined by producer Tyler Smith [Falling In Reverse], they emerged from 10 months in the studio with Trauma.

Trauma also represents a realization of I Prevail's full potential. The band elevates rock music by making it unpredictable again, leaping from moments of metal, alternative, electronic, and heavy rock. This air of danger powers the hard-hitting single "Bow Down." Watch + listen here. Companion single "Breaking Down" pairs glitchy flourishes with a hypnotic and heartfelt vocal performance and impactful refrain. Watch + listen here.

With an equally melodic and momentous offering, I Prevail soar on Trauma. Smarter and more confident, rock music gets the band it needs to carry it to the frontlines of heavy music: I Prevail.

I Prevail's new Album Trauma is out on Friday March 29 2019 through Caroline Australia and Fearless Records and is available for Pre-Order now at

Artist: I Prevail Single Title: Paranoid

Singles Release Date: Friday March 22 Album Title: Trauma Album Release Date: Friday March 29 Genre: Rock/Metalcore

Label: Caroline Australia/Fearless Records

Hometown: Detroit, MI, USA

Touring: Australia - March 2019


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