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HALCYON DRIVE - New Single 'Reach' + Tour Dates

After a highly productive 2018, Melbourne-based indie-rock trio Halcyon Drive return with their infectious new single ‘Reach’, tour dates and the release date for their debut album ‘Elephant Bones’ (due Friday March 8) - recorded and co-produced by Joel Quartermain (Meg Mac, Dustin Tebbutt, British India).

Opening with the swooning vocals of endearing front man Michael Oechsle, the hypnotising introduction falls effortlessly into a soaring blend of dreamy synths, fuzz-laden moog and syncopated percussion. As the track switches back and forth between its stripped back, sombre verses, ‘Reach’ finds its extra gear within its uplifting bridge, exploding with a myriad of joyous emotions.

Oechsle describes the motivation behind ‘Reach’:

“In this age of connectivity, cheap travel, Skype and FaceTime, I think almost everyone can relate to that feeling of being away on the other side of the world from a loved one. Still being "connected", but also being so far apart. That's simply what Reach is about. The tyranny of distance, the untouchable blue”.

In 2018, Halcyon Drive released three critically acclaimed singles ‘Silver Ray’, ‘Agnosia’ and ‘Only Youth’, which were fervently supported by the likes of triple j, Spotify, MTV, community radio and worldwide tastemaker blogs.

The group also undertook a relentless touring schedule, which included selling out headline shows, performing at The Hills are Alive Festival, Festival of The Sun and a support slot on Stereophonics' sold-out Australian tour.

‘Reach’ is available now


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