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FIRE FROM THE GODS Release New Album 'American' On Nov 1

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Fire From the Gods will release their second album American Sun on November 1 via Eleven Seven and Rise Records in conjunction with the start of their US arena tour with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH

The album is available for global pre-order now! via CD, Vinyl and digital and equipped with instant downloads of the already released “Truth To The Weak (Not Built To Collapse)” and “Right Now.” 

American Sun was recorded, engineered, and mixed by Erik Ron (Godsmack, Motionless In White, Panic! At The Disco) over a two-month period in Los Angeles, and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Alice Cooper, Korn, Red Hot Chili Peppers). It’s an expertly executed and DNA distinct  amalgam of metal, hip-hop, and modern rock that crackles with intensity. Fire From The Gods have adopted the tagline “In Us We Trust” — meaning “We The People” are responsible for change; a unifying statement in order to try to prevent society from succumbing to the growing malaise brought on by soul-sucking technology, divisive politics, and environmental destruction.

Frontman AJ Channer explains, “With this record, what we're trying to drive home is that our differences and where we are from doesn't need to define who we are moving forward. Like [2016's] Narrative, ​I'm telling the story from my perspective, but it's a story that people from all walks of life can relate to in the sense that we all face the same challenges... and the only way to conquer them is if we face them together.”

Simultaneous to the November 1st release of AMERICAN SUNFire From The Gods will mark their arena debut supporting Five Finger Death Punch along with Three Days Grace and Bad Wolves. 

Five Finger Death Punch have shown a steadfast and unwavering commitment to nurturing the rock scene by inviting up and coming acts on tour and by sharing their high-profile platform with newcomers. Bands such as Nothing More, Bad Wolves, and From Ashes to New have all enjoyed a major boost to their respective careers by opening for 5FDP. Each has since gone on to establish themselves as major players in the genre. 

Fire From The Gods are the most recent artist to support 5FDP and they’re ready for liftoff. Armed with a new album packed with incendiary, thought-provoking, and moshpit-inciting anthems, Fire From the Gods’ moment is here and it’s now.

 Five Finger Death Punch co-founder and guitarist Zoltan Bathory effectively captured the essence of what makes Fire From The Gods such a force to be reckoned with, saying,  “The first time I heard Fire From The Gods, they instantly became one of my favorite bands. It’s hard to invent something new within this genre without becoming too avant-garde for the majority of rock fans. Yet, these guys managed to stand out from the crowd with a truly unique sound, but without sacrificing great songwriting.  And to top it off they have a real message… they have something to say. That right there is the magic combo of the greats, so I had to get involved and help. This band deserves a platform, they need to be heard. What they bring to the scene is important. So they are going to BE important, mark my words.”

AMERICAN SUN TRACK LISTING: Truth to the Weak (Not Built to Collapse)  Right Now  American Sun  Trust  They Don’t Like It (Feat. Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.) Fight the World  Victory  Make you Feel It  Survivor’s Prayer Interlude  All My Heroes Are Dead  Out of Time  Another Level  Break the Cycle  


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