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COLIN HAY - Aussie solo tour announced in Nov 2022

Colin Hay is not someone who can be “DVR’ed” or timeshifted. He must be seen live to fully appreciate the hi-definition brilliance and dynamic range of his skills. – Inner Edge Music CA Few performers can hold an audience hostage with a relatable yarn like Colin Hay can. These intermissions between songs are the comic relief that offsets the brilliance of his musicality. There’s a sense of reckoning and realisation in each track that cuts deeply but leaves audiences feeling strangely optimistic. The former front man of seminal 80s outfit Men at Work (known for the iconic Aussie anthem ‘Down Under’) has released fifteen critically acclaimed albums over the course of three-and-a-half decades. During his remarkable solo career, Hay’s frequent appearances at LA’s Largo club helped garner him a legion of fans in the entertainment world. Among them was actor/director Zach Braff, who called his mix of heartfelt song writing and hilarious storytelling “one of the most amazing things I had ever seen.” Braff went on to feature Hay’s music prominently in the GRAMMY-winning soundtrack for Garden State and invited him to appear as himself on the hit series Scrubs, which helped introduce his music to a whole new generation of listeners. More recently Hay has been busy touring the US with Ringo Starr & His All-Star Band (the fifth time he has gone out globally with Ringo Starr) but is set to grace Australian audiences with a highly anticipated solo jaunt (the first solo tour Down Under in years). Die-hard fans will tell you that these solo shows are where his storytelling truly shines. Colin Hay will hit Australia in November to give us a taste of his new album. Described by American Songwriter as “an album for the ages”, Hay’s latest body of work, Now And The Evermore, has been praised by reviewers for embodying all the elements of good storytelling and artistry. The first thing you’ll hear on Now And The Evermore, is a drum fill played by Ringo Starr. This is terribly exciting, because for me growing up, there was The Beatles, and then there was everybody else. Some days I think we’re still trying to make something that’s as close as possible to “Rubber Soul” when their creative wellspring was starting to bubble over. With this new record, I tried to make it sound as beautiful as I could. Sometimes beauty hurts, but it’s a good pain.” Colin Hay And it is that unique blend of cultural exposure–Hay’s parents emigrated from Scotland to Australia when he was a teenager–that lends itself to Hay’s one-of-a-kind vocals. His is a voice that can be full of pain and sorrow, express desire, and offer tepid hope–sometimes in the same song. And no matter the tempo, Hay’s songs are always pensive in a way that makes you think about your own life and what you want from it. – The Music Universe Tour Dates:

Thursday 3rd November - Capital Theatre, Bendigo VIC (8pm) Tickets Friday 4th November - Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne VIC (8pm) Tickets Saturday 5th November - Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne VIC (8pm) Tickets Friday 11th November - HOTA Kings Theatre, Gold Coast QLD (8pm) Tickets Saturday 12th November - Caloundra Events Centre, Caloundra QLD (8pm) Tickets Sunday 13th November - Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm QLD (6.30pm) Tickets Wednesday 16th November - Canberra Theatre, Canberra ACT (8pm) Tickets Friday 18th November - Concourse Concert Hall, Chatswood NSW (8pm) Tickets Saturday 19th November - Sydney Recital Hall, Sydney NSW (8pm) Tickets Sunday 20th November - Anita's Theatre, Thirroul NSW (7.30pm) Tickets

Ticket links live from 10am on Friday 22 July


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