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BRIGITTE BARDINI Announces New Single And Video Wild Ride - Out Now

Upcoming singer-songwriter Brigitte Bardini has today announced her glowing new single Wild Ride, a celebration of the leap of faith that is deciding to pursue a full time career in music, out today, January 22. Wild Ride is accompanied by a stunning video clip directed by Wilk (Sarah Blasko, Ella Hooper, Gotye) and is a perfect reflection of Brigitte’s developing artistic practice and her commitment to music.

Written and recorded in her home studio with some guitar laid down by Dave Butt at Highpoint Studio, and polished, mixed and mastered at Toyland Studios with Adam Calaitzis, Wild Ride is evocative of the songwriting styles of Gretta Ray and Stella Donnelly, but with just enough unique spin and experience within to make the track something very special. It begins with just guitar and bass, and grows steadily into a lush, ever-present blanket of sound that Brigitte’s soft, vulnerable voice sits comfortably atop of. Strings sweep as an endearing flute line takes this song from a standard folk-pop into a new, ethereal world – if Wild Ride is only the second single from this young artist, it’s very exciting to wonder what she might come up with next. Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Brigitte says, Wild Ride is a coming of age track written about my decision to take a risk and pursue music full time. It’s very fitting as I feel like it symbolises my entering further into the music industry, and is an opportunity for my audience to get to know me on a more intimate level due to the confessional lyrics. It’s a track that really took on a mind of its own, becoming relevant at every crossroad that has presented itself since I wrote the demo. It holds a great significance to me as it’s an open book and offers me nothing to hide behind, so I see it as a powerful tool to grow as a person and as an artist.”

True to Wilk form, the clip for Wild Ride is a gorgeous visual display with Brigitte as the star – warm, psychedelic patterns float and warp the film as Brigitte stands alone in the middle of an ivy-covered forest, assured and confident. Reflecting on the creation of the video, she says, Wilk really captured the coming of age element to the song, as well as the otherworldly adventure of making a big life change and leaping into the pursuit of a passion.”

Wild Ride is the sparkling follow up single to Brigitte’s debut track Aphrodite, and offers a luscious taste of what is to come from her upcoming album Stellar Lights, set to drop later this year.

Wild Ride is out now.


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