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ALPHAMAMA has new video accompanying her latest single,‘Move Me’.

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Elevating herself to become one of Australian music’s most vital and impactful voices, ALPHAMAMA is back with another striking and thought-provoking video to accompany her latest single, ‘Move Me’. Lifted from her acclaimed 2018 EP, Oil & Water, ‘Move Me’ sees ALPHAMAMAside-step her 90s RnB influences and into the light of a thumping dancefloor, and now she’s doubling down with her electrifying new video.

Complete with an anthemic hook, ALPHAMAMA soars to new heights on ‘Move Me’, and now she’s set to breathe new life into the song with a provocative new video. Stating that while the track is really personal to herself, ALPHAMAMA invites listeners to interpret however they feel and "let them find what it means to them."

Rooted in religious and ritualistic symbolism, ALPHAMAMA explained the visuals represent "me marrying different archetypal aspects within myself."

"My dad is a preacher and I grew up in church. And so there's been this big journey of reclaiming my own nature and exploring the things that always felt wrong and ungodly."

"I love ritual and art and finding what is truly sacred to me and it was liberating to be able to bring these concepts through in the video. Part of me hopes I don't upset people too much by triggering their religious conditioning, but a bigger part is happy if I do."

Teaming up with Jamie Murray from Bald Tower, Murray said it became clear quickly that the track was a "serious banger" and required "an equally large visual companion". With a particular focus on "the poise and grace of the feminine as well as the drive and frenetic energy of the masculine," Murray and ALPHAMAMA were drawn to ritual and "reinterpreting various religious traditions, symbology and cultural practices into our own hybrid imagery," ultimately repurposing traditional ceremony for their new "Church of the Goddess".

"The song to me became as much about mourning the death of a relationship as it was about rebirth, reawakening and the urge to continue to MOVE...Hopefully the film we have produced offers a fleeting glimpse into the powerhouse and the priestess that is ALPHAMAMA." The release of the ‘Move Me’ video comes just a week out from the monster Fight Music 5th Anniversary tour which will see ALPHAMAMA join the likes of Viking N3, Jinz Moss, Nardean, Raw Collective and BAD MATH with support from Ursa 13.


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