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OUT ON THE WEEKEND is back!!! 11/12/21 - Seaworks, Williamstown

It’s time to shine down by the water at Williamstown with a bunch of handpicked superstars and up and comers for an all Victorian lineup version of our beloved Out On The Weekend.

A few words from BT of Love Police: “Hello friends. Truth is, we nearly got there this October. We were 12 hours away from announcing this year’s show when another lockdown hit. Oh well, this time it’s gonna happen. With those international borders seemingly slammed shut for international visitors, and domestic borders maybe a question mark, we have turned our programming ears to the great state of Victoria to provide all our beloved Artists who will make the sun shine once again down by the water in Williamstown. There are more than enough quality known, unknown and legendary acts to make the day unmissable. Piece of cake. Melbourne is known as the musical capital of the country, no disputing that. Let us embrace that, celebrate it, and get set for our favourite day of the year at Seaworks. See you in December.”

Currently we will be operating with a limited capacity, and our beloved Cripple Creek Ferry won’t be happening, but we will be bringing loads of music across the stages, and the best food, booze and other attractions we can deliver. We will have an approved Covid 19 safety plan in place by the time the event rolls around with whatever conditions that requires, so you’ll all be covered.


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