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Bad Suns Release 'One Magic Moment'. New Album 'Mystic Truth' Out March 22.

A month out from the March 22nd release of their debut Epitaph LP, Mystic Truth, Bad Suns have just unleashed One Magic Moment, another shot of the “sharpened confidence” (LA Times) they’ve exhibited rolling out their most inspired record yet. 


With the crash of the chorus - guitar washing over propulsive piano leads, a thunderclap ofsnare, and the punchy plea of singer Christo Bowman – the band encapsulates the energy and adventure at the heart of their best album to date.


Mystic Truth is a cinematic collection that searches for simple miracles and uncovers the extraordinary amid the mundane. The band pulled One Magic Moment out of thin air, bottling a spark of a song that struck during an impromptu jam session. Produced by Dave Sardy (Oasis, The Black Angels), Mystic Truth came to life during fits of inspiration in a variety of locales: a midcentury geodesic dome on a desert wind farm, to a barn in Bridgehampton, the streets of Hong Kong, and the living room of the house all four members shared in the LA suburbs. While the title Mystic Truth references a neon-encased Bruce Nauman quote Bowman saw at the Tate Modern, One Magic Moment nods to the influence of artists like The Blue Nile, Kate Bush, and The Cure that’s present across the record. The track follows Away We Go, a “triumph” according to Alt Press, and Hold Your Fire – read more at Billboard: Bad Suns are: Christo Bowman (vocals / guitar), Gavin Bennett (bass), Miles Mores (drums) and Ray Libby (guitar). 


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